Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Mommy, Wheres Yours Pinky?"

So yesterday I was getting out of the shower and my two year old son asks me, "Mommy, wheres yours pinky?"  Now I don't know where he got this "pinky" business cause I only teach him correct words for body parts.  I explained to him that girls don't have pinkies, only boys. That seemed to make sense to him.  One awkward conversation down, one million to go.


cheyney webb said...

Are you sure he wasn't talking about your little finger? HA. good luck

maria said...

My bad for telling him everyone had one of those. Are you mad? You might be pissed I told him Gabriella has a ta ta and used to have a pinkie but the doctor accidently cut it off and that she'll grow a new one over the next few years. I also taught him that all his strength was in his hair and that if you bring up hair cuts to run away screaming or he'd become weak and his pinkie would fall off.